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Cyberchron Rugged Systems Corporation
1906 Route 52, Suite 'E'
Hopewell Junction, New York 12533
United States
Tel:(845) 765-8120
Fax:(845) 765-8119

E-mail: cfadden@cyberchron.com

Our Standard Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time (ET)

International & US Sales
Carol Hartley
Director of Sales and Marketing
Ext. 102
E-mail: chartley@cyberchron.com

Contract / Program Management
Chris Fadden
Vice President of Programs
Ext. 101
E-mail: cfadden@cyberchron.com

Technical Support
Connie Eikner
Technical Service Manager
Ext. 103
E-mail: sgoeller@cyberchron.com

Customer Service
Connie Eikner
Customer Service Representative
Ext. 103
E-mail: sgoeller@cyberchron.com

Human Resources
Carol Hartley
Human Resource Manager
Ext. 102
E-mail: chartley@cyberchron.com

Our Products
Laptops & Portables
Workstations & Servers
Displays & Terminals
NAS & SAN Products
Semi-Custom & Custom
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